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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient Satisfaction Survey, December 2015

Our patient's opinion is important to us.  Over the past 4 years we have conducted Patient Satisfaction Surveys as part of our Enhanced Primary Care transformation process.

Through these results we are able to measure our patient's satisfaction as it pertains to their healthcare, healthcare provider and their experience as a patient in our practice. Based on these results we chose a few key areas we felt we, as a Practice, needed to work on improving.  We formed a Quality Improvement Committee and with the input of the staff and providers, we developed an action plan for each of the areas listed below.  We would like to take this opportunity to share the results of our efforts with you.  If you would like to see a complete copy of our results, please ask one of our secretaries and she will provide you with a copy. 


I know how to get care during evenings and weekends.                        
Oct. 2016 Result       89.24%                    
April 2017 Result      92.15% 
December Pending    

We recognized that additional communication to our patients was indicated for this category.  As you  can see, it has certainly improved over this 14 month period but we did notice a slight dip in December of 2014. We have taken the following steps to communicate with you:  we changed our telephone message to include instructions for after hours care, we inserted scrolling messages on our waiting room TV, placed signs in the waiting room and at patient check out area, put an announcement in our newsletter and added this information to our patient office welcome letter.   Post the December report, we have educated the staff to verbally remind our same day appointment patients of what to do if they need care after hours or on the weekends,  We will revisit this question in our next survey.

If I am sick, I can get a same day appointment

Oct. 2016 Result     86.1%                  
April 2017 Result    92. 3%
December Pending    

Our October score resulted in our practice increasing the number of same day appointment slots to assure patients calling in to be seen can be given an appointment when they request it.   Our efforts resulted in positive feedback as our satisfaction score continuous  to improve in this area.  We found the need through the results of our survey to offer Same Day visits for patient who needs a last minute appointment and also Same Day Sick visits for those in the need to see a Provider due to an illness. Therefore, all patient needs are covered. Our Office Manager reviews the schedule routinely to assure the slots are protected for same day visits. 

The practice reminds me when I need follow up appointments or health screenings.                                                                            
Oct. 2016 Result     94.6%                          
April 2017 Result    97.8%
December Pending

Our Practice makes every effort to assure patients are being followed routinely for their medical care by scheduling the next follow up visit when patients check out.  We recognized that some patients are not always able to plan ahead and would prefer to call us for a follow up date and time.

Our Practice assure's that everyone who needed a follow up visit or routine screening received it by generating monthly recall lists. All patients who choose not to schedule appointments when they need to cancel or wait to schedule an appointment, are put on this list to assure they are contacted for their follow up of a chronic condition or are due for routine screenings and appointments. In addition, we began generating a list of patients that have not been seen over a 3 year period to determine if they are still active patients of the practice or have transferred their care to another provider. 

If they are still patients of the practice, our Medical Secretaries will schedule them for a preventive visit.  The physician's secretary runs the recall lists monthly and reaches out to the patients to schedule their appointment or remind them that they are due to be seen.  Looks like it's working!!